These terms and conditions apply to the purchase in the online store Conditions further specify the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer.
Torques STEEL Ltd.
Registered office / residence:
Prague 9 Poděbradská 576/152
ID: 04472438
Registered: C 248235 kept by the Municipal Court in Prague
Phone: 777790164
Contact address: Martin Boubín
Information about the goods and the price stated by the seller are mandatory except for obvious errors. Prices are presented inclusive of all taxes (eg. VAT) and taxes, excluding the cost of delivery of goods.
The seller does not require any fees depending on the payment method.
Acceptance of the offer with the addition or deviation is not accepting the offer.
Confirmation of the contract concluded in a form other than writing, which shows deviations from the actual content of a negotiated agreement has no legal effect.
Unsolicited Takeover performance by the buyer does not accept the offer.
The seller delivers the goods to the buyer complete, within 15 days after order confirmation, if an individual does not catalog a different deadline for delivery. If the goods specified in "stock", the seller sends the goods within three working days. The buyer is obliged to accept the goods and pay. The buyer is advised to get the goods on delivery as soon checked.
Documents for goods, in particular a tax receipt, and confirmation certificates, sends the seller to the buyer immediately upon receipt of the goods within two days of receipt of goods by the consumer.
If requested by the purchaser, the seller to confirm in writing what extent, and how long it lasts duties of defective performance and how the buyer can exercise the right of them.
The buyer can withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods or the last part of the delivery, regardless of the manner of receipt of goods or payment. That period is designed to enable the purchaser to the extent appropriate acquainted with the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.
The buyer is entitled to cancel the contract anytime before delivery.
Withdrawal from the contract the buyer sends or forwards ve14 day period. The buyer may not indicate the reason for withdrawing from the contract. To facilitate communication, it is appropriate to withdraw state the date of purchase or contract number / sales receipt, bank and chosen way of returning the goods.
The seller is obliged the buyer to return the amount corresponding to the full price of the goods and paid the cost of its delivery within 14 days of the withdrawal, in the same way as a payment received from the buyer. If the seller offers within a particular method of delivery of goods several options, the buyer is obliged to reimburse the cheapest of them. At the latest at the same time the buyer shall notify the seller to send or hand over the goods purchased. Goods should be returned to the seller (not COD) complete, preferably in the original packaging may show signs of wear or damage. The costs of returning goods shall be borne by the buyer.
If the returned goods are damaged, the seller is entitled to the buyer claim compensation for diminution in value, and credited him for reimbursement.
Exceptions: The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the supply of goods adjusted as desired by the consumer or to his person.
RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF defective performance
Quality taking over
If the goods taken over shortcomings (eg. Not negotiated or reasonably expected properties are not suitable for normal or agreed purpose is not complete, does not match its quantity, measure, weight or quality does not match the other statutory, contractual or pre-contractual parameters), it is a defects of the goods for which the seller is responsible.
Buyers can apply at the seller within two years of receipt of goods according to your entitlement to a free remedy or at a reasonable price discount; if it is not disproportionate nature of the defect (especially if you can not remedy the defect without undue delay), you can apply the requirement to supply new things without defects or new parts without defects, if it concerns only flaw of this component.
If no repair or replacement of goods may, on the basis of the withdrawal buyer may request a refund of the purchase price in full.
Within six months from the receipt of goods, it is assumed that the defect existed at the time of goods delivery.
The seller is not obliged to meet the buyer's claim if it can prove that the buyer knew of the defect goods or he himself caused.
For used goods sold by the seller is not liable for defects caused by the existing use or wear. For items sold at a lower price, the seller is not liable for defects for which the lower price was agreed. Instead of the right to exchange a buyer in such cases the right to a reasonable discount.
Statutory rights for defects
The seller is liable for defects arising after the receipt of goods in the 24-month warranty period, or at the time of application in advertising, on packaging or in the accompanying instructions.
In that period, the buyer can make a claim and its option to require the defect, which is a substantial breach of the contract (regardless, if the defect is removable or non-removable)
removal of defects by supplying the new things without defect or delivery of missing things;
free remedy repair;
reasonable discount on the purchase price; or
refund of the purchase price based on the withdrawal.
It is essential that such a breach of contract, for which the party in breach at the time of conclusion of the contract knew or should have known that the other party did not enter into a contract, unless the breach anticipated.
For defects that znamenánepodstatné breach of contract (regardless, if the defect is removable or non-removable), the buyer is entitled to remove the defects or a reasonable discount on the purchase price.
Occurred when a correctable defect after repair again (third complaint for the same defect or fourth for different defects) or the goods larger number of defects (at least three defects simultaneously), the buyer can exercise the right to a discount on the purchase price, the exchange of goods or withdraw from the contract .
Seller is not responsible for defects caused by normal wear and tear.
The buyer is obliged to lodge a complaint with the seller or a person designated for repair without undue delay after finding deficiency. By doing so in writing or electronically should submit their contact information, description of the fault and the requirement for a method of settling the claim.
The buyer is obliged to inform the seller, as the law chosen in notice defects or without undue delay after notification of the defect. Changing the election without the consent of the seller is only possible when asked if the buyer fix defects, which turns out to be unrecoverable.
Do not make the buyer's right to a fundamental breach of contract on time, the rights as when minor breach of contract.
The buyer must prove the purchase of goods (the best proof of purchase). The deadline for settling a claim runs from the transmission / receipt of goods to the seller or the place to be repaired. Goods should be carried packed in suitable packaging to avoid damage, it should be clear and complete.
Seller shall immediately, not later than three working days to decide on the complaint, or that the decision needed expertise. Information about the necessity of expert assessment of the purchaser within this period communicate. Complaints, including the removal of defects, the seller handled without undue delay, within 30 days of its application, unless the buyer agreed in writing on a longer period. After this period, the purchaser has the same rights as if it were a fundamental breach of contract.
If the seller refuses to remedy the defect case, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the contract.
The warranty period is extended by the time of a claim in its execution or until the buyer was obliged to pick up the thing. If the exchange of goods or part thereof, shall apply to the seller's responsibility as if they were buying new goods or part thereof.
If it is not possible to monitor the status of settlement of the complaint online, the Seller undertakes to settle claims by the purchaser to inform his request e-mail message or via SMS.
Buyer agrees that personal data provided by the Seller are processed and stored in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (no. 101/2000 Coll.) In order to fulfill the contract. The buyer has the right to know what personal data about him selling records, and is entitled to change the data, or by writing to oppose their processing. Supervision over privacy exercised by the Office for Personal Data Protection.
Buyers can tell the vendor that wants to stop sending commercial messages, and that the electronic address obtained in connection with the performance of the contract without incurring any costs incurred thereby.
Seller is not responsible for personal injury, or any other persons resulting product.
Disputes between the seller and the buyer solves the ordinary courts.
Oversees compliance with obligations under the Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, performed by the Czech Trade Inspection (
Buyer for the purposes of these terms and conditions means the consumer, which is a man who, unlike the seller when concluding the contract and does not conduct business under either the independent performance of his career.
Seller for the purposes of these terms and conditions shall mean a businessman who unlike buyer when concluding the contract and acting within their business or within independent exercise of their profession.
Other matters not specified herein shall be governed by the Civil Code (no. 89/2012 Coll.), The Consumer Protection Act (no. 634/1992 Coll.) And other legislation, as amended by subsequent legislation.
Contract and related issues are governed by Czech law.
Changes in business conditions other than mutually agreed written form, are excluded.
These conditions are effective from 1 January 2016.


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